Magazine Writing Piece #4: A & E

Pick a subject area in entertainment you’d be interested in covering on campus and develop a story idea for a short piece (750 words) for the front-of-the-book section of an actual magazine or website (either a review or a preview). Outline elements of the story (including interviews), develop a pitch for the editor (and keep several lines for different stories/angles open).

Think about the idea you’ve developed for this A & E story (the angle and how it fits into certain categories of magazines), then write a query letter to the editor of one of those magazines using either the business format, stylistic format, or the outline format (depending upon the magazine and type of story you’re pitching). While completing the assignment, think about different ways you might emphasize the various aspects of the query for each magazine and purpose.

Now, write the story (no profiles–remember, that’s already been covered).

A&E Piece is due by midnight, Tuesday, May 2.