Required Texts

  • The Elements of News Writing, by James Kershner
  • AP Stylebook

T1.12 Introduction to Course
R1.14 History of Journalism, Role of News, Five Rules

T1.19 Basics of Journalism, Stylebook Primer, How to Read a Newspaper
R1.21 Commonly Misused Words, Punctuation, Quotations, Active/Passive

T1.22 How to Write a News Story, Strong Lede
R1/28 How to Structure a News Story, Interviews

T2.02 Meetings and Speeches, Police and Courts
R1.04 Disasters and Tragedies, Obits

T2.2.09 Review and Criticism
R2.11 Editorials and Columns

T02.16 Feature Stories
R02.18 Profiles

T02.23 Organization of Newspaper
R02.25 Newspaper Planning

T03.01 Layout, Writing Headlines, Cutlines
R03.03 Photos, Graphics

T03.08 Newspaper Project(online)
R03.10 Newspaper Project (online)

T03.15 Spring Break
R03.17 Spring Break

T03.22 Newspaper
R03.24 Newspaper

T03.29 Editing stories
R03.31 Newspaper (Online)

T004.05 Newspaper
R04.07 Newspaper

T04.12 Newspaper
R04.14 Newspaper (Online)

T04.19 Newspaper
R04.21 Newspaper

T04.27 Newspaper
R04.29 Newspaper

R05.05 Portfolio Due