Note: You will be required to write five articles for the student newspaper, The Inkwell. On the weeks that assigned news articles are due, you must turn in articles by the deadline set forth by your section editor. All articles must be submitted as attachments (Rich Text Format ONLY)). At the time of submission to your editor, you must also copy me the article via email:

Failure to meet deadline without prior approval from your section editor will result in “0” credit for the article.

As a team, you will also be expected to develop and maintain a course news site. Blogs are simple and easy to use internet websites. You can sign up and find to tools to develop and maintain your newsblog using:,, or You will need to have your site up and running by 03/31. Once you have your site functioning, email me a link to the site.

You don’t need anything complicated here, but it must be professional, well-designed, and include a minimum of four sections (news, sports, entertainment, lifestyles, opinion/editorial). I will expect a minimum of five weekly issues beginning on 03/31 and running through the end of the semester. This “weekly” must address newsworthy issues related to AASU students, and must follow all online news writing rules. Additionally, you will need to have proper referent links to outside sources for your article. I will use the same writing rubric to grade your articles posted on your site that I use for articles published at The Inkwell. As a class, we will review, critique and grade your newblog during week 15.

Unit reading and writing assignments should be completed and ready to discuss by the start of classes. You are expected to complete all In-class exercises. In-class exercise will count towards your participation grade.

Finally, you are required to attend a minimum of one workshop/session (one hour) at the Inkwell Journalism Writing Sessions.


Attendance is required and necessary since this is a participation-oriented class. More than four absences are grounds for failure. There will be times in the semester when you really need the days off, so don’t miss class without good reason.

If you know you are going to miss a class, let me know. You are responsible for finding out what you missed and what assignments are due for the next class. If you miss a class, FIRST, ask your classmates, then feel free to ask me. Missed assignments will not be excused because of absences. Athletes: any special arrangements for athletes must be made with the professor at least two weeks prior to the event.

Do not come late to class. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, for any reason, you will be marked as absent. Likewise for leaving class early. Also, three times tardy equals an absence. Late attendance and absences will affect your participation grade. If you miss more than four (two, TR) classes, you will not receive an “A” for your participation grade.

You are expected to be prepared for every meeting. This means completing all reading and writing assignments on time. Failure to do so will greatly affect your participation grade.