Grades and Policies

Course Requirements

  • Midterm Essay (100 points) = 100
  • Final Essay (100 points) = 100
  • Written Reflections/Discussions — 14 x 10 points each = 140
  • Quizzes — 4 x 25 points each = 100
  • Participation: this will take into account absences tardiness, class attitude, and group work = 100

TOTAL = 540

The number and nature of assignments may be adjusted to fit the needs of the class.

Grading Scale
Your final grade will be based on an average of the grades you have earned:
90-100% = A
80-89% = B
70-79% = C
60-69% = D
59 and below = F

Discussion Prompts

For Online class work, students will be required to submit three responses for every online discussion question/assignment that I post–one post that addresses the discussion prompt, and two posts that address responses by classmates. Your responses must be more than 2-3 sentences to get full credit. Minimum of 100 words. Therefore, if you submit all three responses (100 word minimum each) you will receive full credit (10 points); two responses, you will receive partial credit (7.5 points); and one response, you will receive partial credit (5 points). If you fail to respond to a discussion prompt, you will receive “0” points. I addition, missing an online discussion is the same as missing f2f classes. Therefore, if you miss an online discussion, in addition to missing discussion points, you will also be counted as absent for the course that day.

Attendance Requirements

Attendance is required and necessary since this is a participation-oriented class. More than five absences are grounds for failure. There will be times in the semester when you really need the days off, so don’t miss class without good reason.

If you know you are going to miss a class, let me know. You are responsible for finding out what you missed and what assignments are due for the next class. If you miss a class, FIRST, ask you classmates, then feel free to ask me. Missed assignments will not be excused because of absences. Athletes: any special arrangements for athletes must be made with the professor at least two weeks prior to the event.

Do not come late to class. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, for any reason, you will be marked as absent. Likewise for leaving class early. Also, three times tardy equals an absence. Late attendance and absences will affect your participation grade. If you miss more than four (two, TR) classes, you will not receive an “A” for your participation grade.

Drafts, Revisions and Final Papers

All work must be typed or produced on a word processor. Every article should be titled and dated. Follow the manuscript formation instructions in the APA handbook. You will lose a substantial portion of your grade for improper format—the same goes for improper grammar, punctuation and spelling. You must submit your final copy to WebVista. Deadlines are taken very seriously (it’s the profession). You will receive 0 credit for articles turned in after the deadline.

Reading/Writing Center

The Writing Center, located in 109 Gamble, can be looked on as an extension of any writing classroom. I encourage you to take advantage of this free service whenever you are writing a paper or trying to revise one.

Honor Code

All students at Armstrong Atlantic State University must agree to abide by the Honor Code and Code of Conduct. Under all circumstances, students are expected to be honest in their dealings with faculty, administrative staff, and fellow students. Students must submit work that fairly and accurately reflects their level of accomplishment. Any work that is not a product of the student’s own effort is considered dishonest. Honor Code violations can lead to failure in a course, student suspension or expulsion from the institution.

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, AASU provides appropriate and reasonable accommodations to students with documented disabilities. Documentation and services are available at the Office of Disability Services located in Student Affairs in the MCC.