Grades and Policies

Course Assignment/Grades

Articles written for The Inkwell (3 x 25 points each) = 75
In-class exercises and written assignments– 5 x 10 points each = 50
Weekly Journal (blog) = 100
Final Essay and Self-Critique = 50
Participation: (absences, participation, group work) = 100
TOTAL = 400

The number and nature of assignments may be adjusted to fit the needs of the class.

This is a class that depends on your being there. Your participation, readings responses, and quizzes cannot be made up. Therefore, you must be in class. You are allowed three absences. No excuses. No penalties. After three your grade will be dropped a letter per absence; you will be dropped from the course with a WF after seven absences. Excessive tardiness will also impact reading response averages and accumulation of absences.

FINAL GRADES will be based on the following scale:

The Writing Center located in 109 Gamble Hall can be a good resource for revising your essays if you would like a little extra help with your writing. It is a free service. Please consider taking advantage of it.

All students at AASU must agree to abide by the Honor Code and Code of Conduct found in the appendix to the catalog. Be aware that plagiarism can result in dismissal from the university, failure of the course, or failure of an assignment. Cite any sources you use at any time in this class whether you are quoting directly or paraphrasing. See me or consult the Armstrong State University Handbook if you are ever uncertain about the issue. Plagiarism will not be tolerated.

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, AASU provides appropriate and reasonable accommodations to students with documented disabilities. Documentation and services are available at the Office of Disability Services located in Student Affairs in the MCC.