Magazine Writing Piece #3: Service

Develop a list of your common activities (work, leisure, health, fitness, etc.). What are some problems associated with each of these activities? Now develop a list of three things you do for each of the problems or challenges. Frame this list in the form of suggestions to meet the needs or solve the problems you have identified.

At this point, consider who might have an interest in the kind of advice you have developed. This is your “audience”–what particular magazine(s) might this group read?

Now, Develop a pitch for a how-to article based on one of these items, then develop an outline, summary opening outlining the problem and list the imperative subhead you would suggest for the paragraphs of advice you would provide.

Think about the idea you’ve developed for this Service story (the angle and how it fits into certain categories of magazines), then write a query letter to the editor of one of those magazines using either the business format, stylistic format, or the outline format (depending upon the magazine and type of story you’re pitching). While completing the assignment, think about different ways you might emphasize the various aspects of the query for each magazine and purpose.

Now, write the article with appropriate heads, subheads and paragraphs included. Minimum 750 words.

The Service Piece is due by midnight, Tuesday, April 11.