Required Texts

  • Imaginative Writing, by Janet Burroway (third edition)

M08.14 Introduction to Course
W08.16 The Writing Process

M08.21 Showing and Telling
W08.23 Showing and Telling

M08.28 Voice
W08.30 Voice

M09.04 Labor Day
W09.06 Writing Yourself Into It

M09.11 Character
W09.13 Character

M09.18 Setting
W09.20 Setting

M09.25 Form, Plot, Structure
W09.27 Form, Plot, Structure

M10.02 Development and Revision
W10.04 Development and Revision

M10.09 Creative Nonfiction
W10.11 Creative Nonfiction

M10.16 Creative Nonfiction
W10.18 Creative Nonfiction

M10.23 Fiction
W10.25 Fiction

M10.30 Fiction
W11.01 Fiction

M11.06 Poetry
W11.08 Poetry

M11.13 Poetry
W11.15 Poetry

M11.20 Thanksgiving Holiday
W11.22 Thanksgiving Holiday

M11.27 Portfolio Instructions
W11.29 Portfolio Work Day

M12.08 Portfolio Due