Required Texts

  • Writing Fiction, by Janet Burroway
  • On Becoming a Novelist, by John Gardner

T1.12 Introduction to Course
R1.14 The Writing Process

T1.19 Showing and Telling
R1.21 Showing and Telling

T1.22 Characterization
R1.28 Characterization

T2.02 Fictional Place
R2.04 Fictional Place

T02.09 Fictional Time
R02.11 Fictional Time

T02.16 Form, Plot, Structure
R02.18 Form, Plot, Structure

T02.23 Point of View
R02.25 Point of View

T03.01 Revision
R03.03 Anatomy of a Scene: John Holman Visiting Writer

T03.08 Workshop Story One (Online and in groups)
R03.10 Workshop Story One (Online and in groups)

T03.15 Spring Break
R03.17 Spring Break

T03.22 Workshop Revision Story One
R03.24 Workshop Revision Story One

T03.29 Workshop Story One
R03.31 Workshop Story One (Online)

T04.05 Workshop Story One (Story One Due, midnight)
R04.07 Kiese Layman Visiting Writer

T04.12 Workshop Story Two
R04.14 Workshop Story Two (Online)

T04.19 Workshop Revision Story Two
R04.21 Workshop Revision Story Two

T04.27 Workshop Revision Story Two
R04.29 Workshop (Story Two Due, midnight)

R05.05 Portfolio Due