The Art of Creative Nonfiction will be referred to as ACN
The Art of Truth will be referred to as AT

T8.14 Introduction to Course
R8.16 Chapters 1 & 2, ACN

T8.21 Continue Chapters 1 & 2
R8.23 Seneca, Montaigne, Woolf, White, Thoreau (handouts)

T8.28 Memoir—in AT: McCarthy 83, Dillard 95, Gray 161
R8.30 Memoir/Personal Essay—in AT: Dubus III 118, Harrison 122, Carruth 217

T9.4 Memoir/Personal Essay— in AT: Lopate 220, Mairs 254, Gates 264, Williams 286
R9.6 Discuss workshop etiquette and draft criteria for criticism

T9.11 Workshop
R9.13 Workshop

T9.18 Workshop
R9.20 Workshop

T9.25 Workshop
R9.27 Workshop

T10.2 Workshop
R10.4 Discuss Travel— in AT: Ehrlich 450, Nye 465

T10.9 Fall Break
R10.11 ESSAY #1 DUE, discuss  Travel/Nature— in AT: Harris 476, Abbey 424

T10.16 Discuss Nature— in AT: Hubbell 429, McPhee 442, Krakauer 406
R10.18 Workshop

T10.23 Workshop
R10.25 Workshop

T10.30 Workshop
R11.1 Workshop

T11.6 Discuss Lit. Journ.— in AT: Hershey 305, Mailer 336
R11.8 Discuss Lit. Journ.— in AT: , Didion 392, Wolfe 398

T11.13 Group Meeting Workshops
R11.15 Group Meeting Workshops

T11.20 Group Meeting Workshops
R11.22 Thanksgiving

T11.27 Group Meeting Workshops
T11.29 Portfolio Due

FINAL EXAM PERIOD-portfolio return