Required Texts

  • Norton Anthology of Modern  Contemporary Poetry
  • Walking Light by Stephen Dunn
  • Best Words, Best Order by Stephen Dobyns

Other strongly suggested works:

T1.13 Introduction to Course
R1.15 Discusson Session

T1.20 Discussion Session
R1.22 Discussion Session

T1.27 Discussion Session
R1.29 Discussion Session

T2.3 Poetry Workshop
R2.5 Poetry Workshop

T02.10 Workshop
R02.12 Workshop

T02.17 Discussion Session
R02.19 Group attendance at poetry/fiction reading (Ossabaw Writers’ Retreat)

T02.24 Discussion Session in small groups (Ossabaw Writers’ Retreat)
R02.26 Discussion Session

T03.03 Workshop Poetry
R03.05 Workshop Poetry

T03.10 Workshop Poetry
R03.12 Workshop Poetry

T03.17 Spring Break
R03.19 Spring Break

T03.24 Discussion Session
R03.26 Discussion Session

T03.31 Poetry Workshop
R04.02 Poetry Workshop

T04.07 Poetry Workshop
R04.09 Poetry Workshop

T04.14 Group Meeting Workshops
R04.16 Group Meeting Workshops

T04.21 Group Meeting Workshops
R04.23 Group Meeting Workshops

T04.28 Writing Day–Work on Final Portfolio
R04.30 Portfolio Due

FINAL EXAM PERIOD-portfolio return