News Portfolio

Your professional portfolio is one of the most valuable tools you’ll need to develop as you move along your career path toward becoming a successful news writer. Your final portfolio, sent as an zipped electronic file folder, will contain your best work and reflections upon your abilities. It will consist of:

  • five published news articles (from The Inkwell)
  • two published news articles (from The Smuggler)
  • two-page (minimum) reflection of what you learned this semester–both as a staff writer for The Inkwell, and as a participant in developing and producing your own online news service.  Additionally, tell me how you will use these tools to help you succeed as a journalist.
  • portfolio should be sent as a zipped electronic file folder.

DUE: Midnight, May 5.

Think of this portfolio as your proof of professional readiness. If you’ve attended all classes, participated in the discussions, and worked hard on your writing, your work should be ready for submission to a professional literary, news outlet, or magazine.

Good luck–and keep writing.